June 9: Children's Whimsical Lily Pad Bowl

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Lily Pad.JPG

June 9: Children's Whimsical Lily Pad Bowl

from 25.00

Join us at the Ceramic Arts Center, 13 S. Church Street, Waynesboro to create a whimsical Lily Pad Bowl at a children and family workshop on Saturday, June 9th from 1-3 pm.

Clara will instruct children step-by-step to create and customize a unique Lily Pad bowl. Using a slab technique to roll out clay, participants will embellish their creations with textures and cut-out decorations. Bright and colorful glazes will adorn the bowl, making it a true keepsake.

Each Lily Pad bowl is made of durable stoneware clay, which is food, microwave and dishwasher safe. No prior clay experience is necessary to join in on the fun!

If your child is attending individually, this class is suggested for kids aged 5-13. A minimum of 3 registered students is needed to hold the class.

The cost for an individual child is $25. Or, upgrade this class to a Family Workshop for $45! This class is for children individually, or the option to bring along an adult family member to create 2 pieces together. Mom, Dad, Nana, Pap Pap, Uncle, Aunt... come join in the fun during this workshop!

For more information e-mail Mary Ashe-Mahr at waynesboroceramics@gmail.com or call 717-404-3190.