Lesley Quesada

A graphic designer and illustrator by trade, Lesley graduated magna cum laude from Shepherd University with a BFA, concentrating in graphic design, printmaking and sculpture. She owns LQ Design LLC in Waynesboro, designing for a broad range of clients around the globe. 

An avid artist since her youth, Lesley joined NCCS in 2016, creating both wheel and handbuilt pieces. In 2017, her work was accepted into the Close to Home department at the BonTon, making her one of the 250 vendors accepted across the US from over 1,300 applicants. 

Lesley has taught both adult and children’s classes at the Ceramics Arts Center. Very active in her community, Lesley is a current board member for: Saint Andrew Catholic School, the NCCS, and the Waynesboro Historical Society. She volunteers her design and marketing for AAGW/Destination ARTS organization, and assists the Greater Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce with marketing and design needs.

You can visit her website here.