14th Annual Cumberland Valley Pottery Festival

The Nicodemus Center for Ceramic Studies hosted its 14th Annual Cumberland Valley Pottery Festival in April at their Penn State Mont Alto studio on Tuesday and Wednesday April 23rd and 24th and at Renfrew Institute for Cultural and Environmental Studies' Earth Celebration Day & Festival of Art 2019 on Saturday, April 28th.  All of the scheduled events were celebrations of the ceramic arts, and each were free and open to the public with easy accessibility to those with disabilities.

The goal and objective of both of these events was to provide locally made, hand crafted pottery to the public at affordable prices, and to share our love of pottery to the public through hands-on demonstrations. 

Many of the Nicodemus Center for Ceramic Studies' guild members have years of experience assisting with previous pottery festivals. All NCCS members are non professional potters who are committed to maintaining the integrity of their craft while exhibiting a wide range of pottery proficiency.