Heather Forberger

Scientist by day, and potter by night, Heather graduated from Juniata College with a degree in molecular biology, and is employed by AstraZeneca Biologics. With her busy schedule as a working wife and mother of 3 small children, Heather and her husband Brian are able to balance their parenting time with their creativity as a potter and a musician. The name “Seven Pines Pottery” originates from her summers spent at the cabin of her Great-Great Aunt and Uncle in the PA hills of Black Log Valley. These experiences from her youth inspire her to integrate natural mediums into her pots.  Many times, you’ll find imprints of leaves or flowers incorporated into her pieces, combined with earthy colors, resulting in a finished product that is purposeful, yet organic in appearance.

An avid crafter since childhood, Heather has been playing in the mud since 2012, creating pots that are not only beautiful, but functional. In recent years, Heather has been experimenting with atmospheric firing techniques, participating in raku and wood firings with area potters. These old-world, traditional techniques of ceramics, generate unique surfaces of ash and soot, to produce a one-of-a- kind work of art.

Heather teaches both adult and children’s classes at the Ceramics Arts Center. She enjoys sharing her love for clay with both new and experienced potters. Seeing a doubtful adult find their inner creativity to make a master piece or look over a sea of colorful children’s projects, brings her satisfaction knowing that the art of ceramics will live on for generations.

You can follow Heather on facebook and instagram.